React, Typescript, Chakra UI, NextJS Oct 2021

Artiller is a website that is designed to recommend online articles and blog posts. It allows users to search for articles based on a term, their tags, or a link, and, based on the article’s tags, author, an analysis of the source text, and the publishing date, recommends similar articles that the user might want to read. The website will also display an abridged version of the article so that users don’t have to go to the whole page if they don’t want to - similar to Reader Mode in browsers.

Check it out on Github.


React, Typescript, Chakra UI, Express Sep 2021

Tweetch is a website that helps you discover new people on Twitch based on whom you (and the people you watch) follow on Twitter. It also can show tweets that are relevant to a stream, so you can see what people think about it, and it lets you view VODs uploaded to the streamer's YouTube channel if you missed a stream.

Check it out on Github.


React, Typescript, Chakra UI, Electron Apr 2021 - now

A local music player app, currently with basic functionally working. I’m working on features such as playlists, ratings, and a full-screen display.

Check it out on Github.


React, Typescript, Chakra UI, Mapbox Apr - May 2021

Hapico displays data from the World Happiness Report in an easy-to-understand view, with a fancy colour-coded map and graphs.

Check it out on Gitlab.


React, NextJS, Stitches, Vite Jul - Oct 2020, Jan 2022 - now

RadiantPM is a self-hosted and extremely configurable package manager. The original version supported hosting npm and NuGet packages, however it is now being rewritten to support a much larger range of packages as well as more storage solutions.

Check it out on Github.


HTML Canvas, Typescript Dec 2019 - now

This website houses various experiments that I create. To make it easier to experiment, I created multiple supporting libraries, including canvas, event, and coroutine management inspired by Unity, and a retained mode component framework.

Check it out at The source code is also available on Github.

The Radiant Guild

React, NextJS, Stitches, ASP.Net May 2020 - now

The Radiant Guild is a comic aggregation and soon-to-be hosting website with around 45 users. It is being overhauled to use a new, modern interface and a more featureful, performant, and developer-friendly backend.

The Radiant Guild's redesign is currently a work in progress but release is expected in a few months.


React, Vite, Stitches, ASP.Net 2019 - now

ZoneONE is a website and app that tracks public transport in south-east Queensland. If you are a transit user you can use it to figure out when you need to leave to catch your bus and if you will be able to charge your phone, and if you are an enthusiast you can use it to track where vehicles go and what trips they are doing.

ZoneONE is currently a work in progress.